Vacuum Maintenance Course


The overall aim of this course is to provide training to enable attendees to competently operate, maintain, repair and fault-find vacuum systems based on rotary pumps and diffusion pumps. Routine maintenance of boosters is also discussed.

Information is presented in a simple non-academic manner and covers an explanation of the mechanism and construction of the pumps, common problems with the design of vacuum systems, trouble shooting vacuum systems, leak detection and gauge options. Practical work forms a major part of the course. All delegates are expected to dismantle, assemble and test vacuum equipment.

Course Program

  • Day 1
    • Introduction to Vacuum
    • Oil Sealed Rotary Pumps
  • Day 2
    • Practical - Rotary Pumps Strip and Rebuild
    • Rotary Pump Testing
  • Day 3
    • Practical – Rotary Pump Strip and Rebuild
    • Fault Finding Rotary Pumps
    • Rotary Pump Accessories
    • Handling Contaminated Rotary Pumps
  • Day 4
    • Mechanical Boosters
    • Vapour Diffusion Pumps

Calendar 2017

Maintenance Course Dates

The next Maintenance course is scheduled for

  • 30th May – 2nd June

Price: £1350 (+VAT) per person